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We are having a weird situation with our UTM9

Laptops connected trough an ethernet calbe are able to access servers by their hostname

But when connected trough WIFI or SSLVPN they are only able to access servers trough their IP not their hostname...

A sophos engineer said our DHCP/DNS configuration on the UTM was fine and yet it is not working on the WIFI / SSL

We are able to ping both DNS IP.

Everything was working fine on the sslvpn until two weeks ago

Only change made to the sslvpn was a NAT rule to allow user to access a server on a remote location (site to site vpn)

Please Help !!

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  • Is your SSL VPN pool allowed in the DNS > Global > Allowed Networks field?

    The NAT might be doing something with redirection, as if I remember right it acts before any firewall rules.  My brain is a bit hazy from lack of sleep at the moment, I'll return once I can clear up some of this fog in my head. Chart with downwards trend

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  • Yes it is allowed in the "allowed networks " !

    We will try disabling the nat when no one is working !

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