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Configuration of DynDNS settings to run with FreeDNS ( and IPv6


I would like to update my FreeDNS subdomain with an A-record and an AAAA-record. I have my Sophos UTM running behind a Fritz!Box, with the Sophos being an exposed host, both for IPv4 and IPv6. Thus, I need the Web service to generate the IPv4 adress as the public IPv4 adress sits on the Fritz!Box, but I need the IPv6 adress of my Sophos' WAN interface, as this is a subnet from the net I was assigned by my ISP.

Here is my DynDNS config, one for IPv4, one for IPv6.

And here my FreeDNS config:

Now the update process is stuck in: DynDNS IPv6 status is: An update attempt is in progress.

Could you advise, how I can get this running?

Thanks for your support!


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  • As far as updating the record, I don't know that you be able to.  I contacted Josh (runs the afraid DNS service) about Sophos UTM and the settings.  He doesn't know anything about how to make the record update work correctly in UTM and put it back on Sophos because he doesn't know anything about the product.  I have the issue where it does not update even though I am logging in to my account via UTM, it won't renew the record like he asks us to do by visiting the page.

    Personally, I don't blame him - he isn't the one that put this service into UTM and should fall back on Sophos to make this work correctly, not the DNS provider.

    Not what you are looking for, but just more of a fair warning about the record updating.  Unless you are going to the site directly, the records won't update, and you will receive a warning about it.

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