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UTM9 Email Protection SMTP Exim-out

I am using UTM 9.708-6 with Exchange Server 2019.

Everything was running fine, until 2 days ago. I made a change into the Exchange receive connector Relay configuration. Due to an additional server, I had to extend this value. Before it was and I changed it to The problem with this new value, was maybe, that Sophos ( was included into this range. Up this time exchange did not receive/send any email.

So I changed it again to: and, but still I can't receive any emails. I restarted Exchange and switched the Email protection on and off.

In the image of the SMTP-Protocoll it looks like, that Exim is sending the emails to the Exchange-Server(

But in the Live-Protocol I always see the start and end queue massages:

It seems to me, that there is some problem betwenn Exim and Exchange!

What can I do to solve the problem?

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