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DKIM Broken in 9.706-9?

Hey everyone,

is anyone using DKIM on the Sophos UTM - and has anybody else problems with it after the update to 9.706-9? We had reports that after the update multiple customers were blocking us due to spam detection. We then checked the headersin mxtoolbox, and we get a DKIM error: "Body Hash did not Verify". When we implemented DKIM and DMARC we tested both, and it was working for several months now. We also checked the headers, there were no porblems before. 

I did not find anything relating to this, but I know that exim was updated in the last versions, and I saw that exim has a bug with DKIM ( But I do not want to change any mailserver config files on the sophos, so the fix in this website is nothing I want to try...

Anyone with a similar problem?

Thanks in Advance

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  • From my point of view the test at mxtoolbox is broken or I missed something, because it gives the same error for other mails from third parties too. But to be fair, without a complete upload I can't test emails from another person.
    So maybe DKIM in UTM isn't broken. I just can't tell. Maybe someone else.


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