MIME Type not working correct (application/msword for docx)

Hey all,

I was just doing some small reconfigurations on the SMTP proxy regarding attachments and I came across this odd thing.

Startingpoint was that the SMTP Proxy quarantined attachments with the file-extension ".doc".
Also .exe and stuff.

And this was the problem because users were abel to release quarantined objects from the "file extension" category wich could have led to releases of .exe files.

So i figured out that the file extension filter takes precedence over the mime type filter. Thats great!

So I configured the mime type filter with "appliaction/msword", enabled that user can release mime type filter and disbaled the release for file extension.

That was working great an users were able to relase their word documents but .exe stayed out.

However, now, also .docx attachment got filtered by the mime type, which I did not want. Only old office doc should go to quarantine.
The mime type for docx is "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document" which is not configured in the mime type filter.

So it seems that the UTM does not correctly "categorize" those mime types.

Do you guys have some opinion on that? Is ther another way to achiev my goal?


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