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Cannot use ASG software license on ASG42x device.


My UTM Home Use License has been expired and went to myutm to create a new one, but when I tried to install it I got the error message shown in the screenshot, can anyone help, please.

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  • Are you trying to install a Home Use License on this Sophos device?  To my knowledge that doesn't work without reloading the device with the ISO after taking some steps prior to loading it.  

    UTM - 9.711 | Intel Xeon 4-core v3 1225 3.20Ghz
    16GB Memory | 500GB SATA HDD | GB Ethernet x5

  • I am new to this position and I found that a Home Licence was installed to this hardware appliance and the problem is that we are a school and I can not reinstall the appliance. I just needed to activate the remote access feature but the menu is greyed and I can do nothing unless renewing the license where I am stuck now.

  • You will most likely need to get a hold of a Sophos Reseller in your area to obtain the license.  Home licenses aren't supposed to be used in that fashion.  I'm sure there would be a big educational discount on a license.

    UTM - 9.711 | Intel Xeon 4-core v3 1225 3.20Ghz
    16GB Memory | 500GB SATA HDD | GB Ethernet x5

  • Salut Mohammed et bienvenu - welcome to the UTM Community!

    As Amodin says, your school will need to pay for a renewed license.  Your reseller can arrange for a demo license to get you through a few days while waiting for your license renewal.  Your license has expired, so only the firewall capabilities are available.  The free home-use license should not be used on that ASG in a production environment.

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