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Web Protection issues after removing disabled interface

Hello everyone,

if this topic is in the wrong section please move as you wish... im not sure.

yesterday i had a weird behaviour on our UTM VA: 
We have a disabled Interface, that we have used as Backup WAN connection in the past. It hast been diasbled for somewhat about 2 years now.
Yesterday i decided to remove it from configuration. After a little warning that the interface ist still used in some QoS Policies it had been removed properly.
After a while users started to complain about not working internet connection. I checked the Web Proxy logs and got very often an "407 Authentication required" entry. I checked the Authentication Services but them were working just fine: manual Auth in User Portal was working. 
I restarted the Web Proxy Service but no luck. I reconfigured the Web Proxy from "AD SSO" to "Basic Auth": After typing in my credentials the log still said "407".
Everything else was working.

In the evening i restarted the whole VM with no luck. I then decieded to restore the VM from a Backup. After the VM went online i had my Web Proxy working again.
As i wanted to provocote the issue, i removed the interface again on the restored vm and Web Proxy stopped working again.

Is there something i am missing? Maybe someone has an idea. This is no priority issue as the restored UTM is now working and i am not in need of the interface right now.

thanks in advance

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  • Hallo,

    This sounds like a problem outside the UTM VM.

    Cheers - Bob

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