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How to migrate all settings from SG125 to XGS116

Can anyone assist in providing a best practices step-by-step process for migrating from an SG125 to an XGS116?  The seller told us simply to make a backup of the SG125 then do a restore on the XGS116. That sounds simple, but we cannot afford too much downtime so I wanted to ask the group if anyone can assist with providing a process that is certain.


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  • You should ask your reseller / sophos partner again.

    The partner has to send a Sg-backup to the Sophos support-team, and you got back a configuration you can import/restore at XG.
    But the configuration is not ready 100%,
    You/the Sophos partner has to configure the last 5% depending on your environment


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  • Hi Roger and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Well, I'll be harsher than Dirk.  Call Sophos Sales and ask for a better Sophos Partner in your area - one that cares about you and your business.

    Cheers - Bob

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