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How to access cable modem status page

How to access cable modem status page It does not load behind the UTM but works fine when utm is replaced by simple asus router.

my internal local network is  

i need access to the modem config page to troubleshoot signal issues.

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  • Since you would have a subnet overlap, I am not sure what the best way to access this would be.  The UTM will not route the packet, and your workstation assumes the cable modem is in the same subnet, so it will not pass it to its own default gateway.

    I believe you will need to drop your subnet down to a /18 or higher so you can rout through the UTM to the cable modem.  You would set up a NAT address on the WAN port and then use it when connecting to the modem.  Something like srcip (internal) to wanip ( nat source as ( or something to that effect.

  • I don't know if this helps, but I can reach my cable modem at from my LAN. I do not recall configuring anything special on the UTM to allow access. It just works. My internal LAN is a 10.0.1.x  /24.

    Here is my configuration: 

    <Cable> Arris/Motorola SB6141 Cable Modem/Bridge ( <Ethernet>  <--> (Public Internet DHCP IP Address)  UTM  ( <--> Internal LAN (10.0.1.x /24)

  • hmm  ... that is interesting. i also remember not being able to access it a few month ago in a different setup when the LAN was .. anyhow ill try a different interal lan again and hope that works... It sounds like you didnt have to setup any special NAT rules like the post above mentions correct? i wonder if it could be done only using nat and masquerading so i dont have to go through and change the subnet on all my PC's 

  • I looked at my UTM settings and nothing stands out. I believe that my desktop computer sees the address and routes it to the UTM internal interface ( by default. The UTM sees it and routes it to the external interface, which is the default gateway. The UTM external interface has Dynamic IP, IPv4 default GW, and IPv6 Default GW all enabled (checked). 

    There are no special Masquerading rules or NAT rules that apply to your situation. For completeness, I have: 

    Masquerading: Internal to External, and VPN Pool to External. 

    NAT: I have three non-standard ports open to allow inbound SSH which are mapped to three internal systems on the usual port 22. That's all. 

    oooh, oooh (I just thought of this while typing):

    What is your Network Protection, Firewall setting for Web Surfing (or whatever you are using for port 80)? Mine is Internal (Network) to Any(4,6). Could yours be set to something other than "Any", and thus allowing ordinary web surfing but blocking the connection to the cable modem?

    What are your Web Protection settings? Could something be blocking access to

  • i went ahead and change the lan interface to from and had NO luck accessing the modem. I also trying doing a source NAT to change the address of my host to be translated to and no dice either.

    I made a generic firewall that is  any device on the lan cam pass any protocal to any 4/6 host.. .. i do not have any web surfing filter nor do i have any other nat rule, firewall rule or anything else that would block access at least i dont' think so. 

    I dunno if this has anything to do with it, but you know how if you try to test a port forwarding senario using ur wan ip while using a device on the lan that it doesnt work... could this be the same type of issue? 

  • The reason I was using a NAT rule was that the cable modem itself is not assigned a default gateway from my provider when bridged.  Your provider may set things up differently and thus not require the NAT.  IIRC, it did not work when the provider was having issues and my UTM was assigned a 10. address instead of the normal public IP.

  • Is your modem possibly only allowing connections from devices in it's own subnet? If that's the case then you may have some trouble getting to it. You would have to NAT like you did above, but make sure you tell the NAT rule to automatically allow it in the firewall.

  • I just go directly to the address and it passes through without issue.  my internal network is numbered 192.168.255.x.  

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  • Problem has been solved. how did i solve it? im not quite sure but i decided to hard reset  (using reset button ) my modem and wiped out all local network settings on the UTM and rebuilt the interface and now i am able to access the modem page with no special configuration.