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Tips & Tricks - How to Participate Efficiently Here

This thread will be a bit like the Rulz post in that I will update it as folks make suggestions for improving it.

  1. Rather than clicking on a thread link, hold down Ctrl and click on five links that interest you.  By the time the fifth new tab starts to load, the first one will be ready.  This avoids the long wait for a page to load.
  2. After returning to a tab and making your comment, click on [Submit] and go to another tab.  No point in waiting.
  3. When you're done with a tab, close it.
  4. Rinse and repeat. [;)]

I also use the link at the top of the Forums list:  That lists all of the threads in the UTM9 forums in order of the most-recent posts.  Any threads you look at are deleted from your personal list.  I can now keep track of whether I've seen every post and do so as quickly as I had on

Cheers - Bob

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