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NAT-T not automatically activated in new VPN IPSec tunnel between SG125 and SG230

Hello community,

i got a question related to the NAT Traversal setting in Sophos UTM (9.714-4). I created a new VPN tunnel between an SG125 and an SG230 and the tunnel seems to be up and running fine, according to the webinterface, but i am not able able to reach any hosts from neither side of the tunnel. I double checked the configuration regarding the allowed nets and firewall rules, everything is fine. I started to compare every setting from the new tunnel with the existing ones and saw, that there is no NAT Traversal entry in the tunnel configuration (TUN_GRE is the new tunnel):

I checked the "Advanced" tab in IPsec, where NAT Traversal is activated, so i thought it should be in the tunnel settings, when i create a new tunnel?

Can anyone help and explain how to get the NAT Traversal setting into my new tunnel configuration?

Greetings from Germany,


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