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How to speed up the download speed


Today, I have a Test. I download a 1G file from Google Drive. I found that the download speed is around 2xx-3xxkb/s. If I download the file w/o through the firewall, the speed will jump to 1M to 2M /s. 

I don't know this download speed 2xx-3xxkb/s is correct or it can be improved. 

Please Help!


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  • you should reach almost the available bandwidth with firewall too.

    at the dashboard check current CPU and used bandwidth at the external interface.

    Try to upload a file ... which download speed do you get

    because i see 1/10 of availeble bandwith i think a duplex error is possible.


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  • All the information about speeding technology has been discussed here. This will definitely help all the users. Is this applicable for iOS? I am facing iTunes error 9. How can I fix it?

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