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Mail release HTTP instead of HTTPS

The link above refers - We've been dealing with this problem Since August with no update released since then that I'm aware of. Can we please receive the instructions to install the rpm's so the releasing points to the correct url https instead of http?

I have tried every possible way of fixing the problem mentioned throughout the forums - none seems to give a happy ending.


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  • who needs coffee me or you? Maybe both lolol - releasing mail from quarantine points to http instead of https - utm responds Bad Request on http. From previous posts and answers there is a fix via sophos support - all I want is the procedure if anyone could be so kind. Thank You!

  • hi Legio Victrix,

    Have you logged a ticket with Sophos Support?

    I am sure the fix will be out soon, but they are much slower to release fixes for the UTM now.

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