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How to set SSL VPN Client for auto login / auto connect

We are deploying the SSL VPN client to a client and whilst it works at present the user has to enter their username/password each time they connect which they will hate.


So the question is can the client log in with stored credentials?

To make it even more user friendly can it be configured to auto connect at start up?



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  • I found that article but as it was talking about an Astaro client I didnt pay it much attention.

    Is there no way to use the sophos client to do this. I cant believe that Sophos would require people to enter their credentials for every login , that would drive users insane.

  • That article tells you how to store the credentials and how to connect automatically when the user logs onto his Windows machine.  The UTM technology was formerly called Astaro Secure Linux, but was renamed to UTM by Sophos several years after it purchased Astaro in 2011..

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Ah yep looks good, thanks Bob.