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no chat response - ended by agent


what is this with the chat function?

20 minutes waiting to get the chat startet, then 10 minutes no response from the agent and then HE probably feels offended by my sarcastic posting?

D****k P (3.2.2021, 11:24:09): Hi L***, thanks for stopping by the Network Security Chat! How can I help?
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:24:57): Hello. I'm requesting a callback on the case
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:25:11): Clients not connecting to Captive Portal behind RED60 with bridge to VLAN CaseNumber:03287103
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:25:46): I'm on the remote site now and the tech is not starting the zoom meeting
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:26:22): there was some trouble with the time due to time zones
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:28:43): Hello?
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:31:26): are  you  still  there?
L*** (3.2.2021, 11:34:53): at sophos even the chat bot is broken
11:35: ended by agent

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