How Many Clients Can I Connect to an APX?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, but one for which there is not always a short answer.

Of course, there is a theoretical technical limit for the maximum number of concurrent associations, which is 128 per radio (so for a dual-radio model 128+128=256), but plan your network based upon that, and neither you nor your users will be very happy.

The following does not replace a site survey but gives you some guidance as to the recommended number of clients for each APX model based upon three factors:

  1. Environment
  2. Type of devices being used
  3. Type of apps/usage

A few examples:

  • If you're deploying APs in a school, the number of users and the usage in communal areas, such as the cafeteria, will probably be very different to the usage in each classroom.
  • In an airport lounge, the type of usage and the expectations of the users will be very different to a cafe or restaurant.

If you're a customer we would advise you to work with your local Sophos partner to plan your deployment. If you're a Sophos partner and don't have the tools to do a survey, your local Sophos SE or (in some regions) your distributor can provide further help.

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