how to create a WIFI mesh network with all APs connected to ethernet?


I have a Sophos XG acting as my firewall.

I have three floors where I´d like to install one WIFI access point per floor. Each of these APs is connected to an ethernet port of a L2 switch where also the firewall is connected to. No vlans.

So the idea is to transport the traffic via ethernet cable to each AP in order to not use radio channels unnecessarily and ensure full bandwidth. The cabling is there.

I understand that I need to use Sophos APs to have my XG do the management.

All APs should use the same SSID and password so when I move within the building and the floors, I will always be handed over to the strongest wifi AP, ideally without any noticeable interruption of wifi traffic.

But I cannot figure out how to configure that kind of setup:

From my understanding, only one AP will act as root and use the ethernet connection. All the others won´t. The slave APs will just forward traffic from the root AP to the clients and back and not leverage the more powerful ethernet connections.

That would be less powerful than my current simple setup:

My current setup is with three Netgear APs, each with a manually selected rf channel to ensure minimum interference among them and with my neighbors. Works but as used Sophos APs are now cheap to get, I am considering to leverage the wifi controller features of my XG and have a more elegant, centrally managed solution.

Any help appreciated, many thanks!

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