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New AP6 Range - XGS and REDs

Hi all,

Early next year I've got to replace an aging UTM and 20 AP broadcasters for a customer and seen the AP6 range is coming but its Sophos Central managed only. 

The customer has a star topology, so HQ will have an XGS and other sites will have RED units. Every site will have 3 wifi networks, staff, personal and guest. Staff will access systems at HQ, personal is for personal phones needing internet only and guest is for outsiders coming in and needing wifi for a guest period of time.

UTM was awesome because you booted up the AP, be it at HQ or behind RED, it'll appear on the UTM, you imported it and to setup isolated wifi networks was a super easy because you didnt have to worry about VLANs or having VLAN enabled switches, etc per site.

Questions - With AP6 being Central managed only, I guess you have to setup VLANs on Central for the broadcasters then on the sites you'll need to have VLANs on the switches, REDs configured with VLANs and finally the XGS with VLANs too?

Or have I missed something or is my thought process overcomplicating the issue?

Many thanks for your time in advance

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