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Bricked APX 320?


I recently purchased two pre-owned 320 APX APs for my home.  Both APs boot into solid green, fast flash red, change to solid green, and then flash fast red again.  They never become visible in UTM 9 and appear to be bricked.  I've left them connected for hours, and this cycle never ends.  Resetting has no affect, nor does rebooting during the solid green phase (I didn't boot in flashing red, as supposedly that's a firmware upgrade in progress).

Two questions, if anyone knows:

1) Is this what happens when they're bricked?

2) Where can I download the APX 320 firmware?  I'd like to give the flashing tool a go.

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance!


  • I debricked some of the APX120/320 (same firmware).

    First connect the serial port and get a console log from the boot process, post this log here.

    If the uimage i bricked, you will se a brocken uBoot loader complaining about some errors.
    You might even enter a failsafe mode and check the APX 

  • Hey, Juergen.

    Here's the follow-up.  The first APX 320 wouldn't reply to the console connection - nothing.  The other one replied, but only spit out gibberish regardless of serial settings.  I started here and tried several different combinations: 

    Speed: 38400, Data bits: 8, Stop bits: 1, Parity: none, Flow control: none - as documented here sophos-operating-instructions-apx-320-530-740-oina.pdf

    I think these devices are done for, one more so than the other.

  • Same thing here. I just picked up an APX 120 "open box" off eBay. Plugged it in, solid red light. Holding the reset button does nothing. No reboot, nothing.

    Odd thing is the Sophos flashing tool does not say it supports the APX 120 in the website's description. If only these devices had a dual BIOS switch inside that could boot with the stock recovery firmware. These access points seem to be built very cheaply but are very expensive especially for home users, with no failsafe incase of a bad firmware flash. Brand new they go for around $300.

    When you can pick up an $80 wireless router, flash it with dd-wrt/OpenWRT and get excellent coverage using it as just an access point.

    My old AP15 is locked at a max 72 Mbps, it's a known issue with the AP access points. I will be seeking more affordable alternatives that can support 802.11ac wireless for a fraction of the cost.

  • I agree.  I really like have an SOHO class UTM firewall for home, as it gives me a lot of flexibility and security, but the used market for APX 320s is a little sketchy.  FWIW, I've bought 4 AP15s and 4 APX 320s over the years, and these two 320s are the only ones that have given me any grief.

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