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Issues Setting up APX320 Access Points


I am new to the world of Sophos and especially the access point aspect. I was under the impression that these were more or less plug and play and that has not been my experience. I think my setup is atypical and that is causing the issues. My DHCP is not my Sophos firewall it is a server that is on our network and my default gateway is the switch stack commander (stack of HP Procurve switches). I am seeing that these reach out to the default gateway with the IP address of which again is the stack. I also saw that I can add a predefined option to the DHCP server with 234 and the IP address of the Sophos Firewall. I tried this and didn't have any luck either. What can I do get these points to talk to the firewall. Sorry if this isn't all the information needed but again, I am new to all of this.

I appreciate the help in advance!

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