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Devices on different AP's on same SSID

I have Apple TV's and Macbooks on the same SSID. It appears when one of those devices roams to a differnet AP, I can no longer see the TV. However, when both devices are on the same AP, there is no issue. Not sure what to look at to try and resolve that? Any help would be appreciated. Running XG and APX 740's. Thank You 

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  • Hi Brent, are the VLAN settings same across the APs? After roaming if the destination AP does not have the same SSID-VLAN combo, then the mDNS packets which Apple uses for discovery will get dropped. For the discovery to happen, both the devices should be on the same backend VLAN. 

  • Also note that XG does not rebroadcast mDNS so if devices are on different subnets they will not be able to consistently see each other. And there doesn't appear to be any clever way to make it happen with routing and NAT.

  • Tejas and  Wayne, thank you for your response! The AP's are all on the same VLAN (the address the AP itself uses). However, the SSID is it's own subnet (devices are pulling a different adress than the AP VLAN). So, if the SSID was using the same VLAN that the AP's are using, then it sounds like I might not exepericence the packet drop?