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WIFI RADIUS unreachable


we replaced our UTM with the new XGS.

Our Wifi Access Points AP55C moved to Sophos Central.

We have 3 SSIDs (Corp (VLAN31), Guest VLAN33), Free (VLAN32)).

The Corp SSID was working on the UTM with Radius-Server (ActiveDirectory Users).

In Sophos Central SSID Setup i entered the internal LAN IP Adress of my Radius-Server. But the Access Point can not connect to it.

The Radius is on my default LAN ( Network.

The msg in Sophos Central: 

Access Point "ETHACP04_AP55C [A4005866XXXXXXX]" radius server : 1812 is unreachable

Can you help me please?

Sorry for my bad english.

Best regards


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