APX 120 always inactive

Good afternoon,
I have recently purchased a new AP.
The first steps I have taken.
1º I create a new zone. WIFI_XX with access to the full devices.
2º I assign the zone to an interface of my XG firewall and I assign an ip address.
3º I create a DHCP for that network and I test the confiugracion with a PC I check that the DHCP works - OK -

4º In the Wireless section - Wireless settings and activate it and allow the network created in step 1.

5º In Wireless - Wireless Network I add a new network, I introduce an SSID, the "Security mode", password, in client traffic I select "Separate Zone", in zone I select the one created in section 1 and I assign an ip address. This network is enabled.

6º I access the Access Points section, and the access point appears in Pending access points, I accept the access point and it automatically appears in the Active/inactive access points section, in the same tab, I edit the access point. It is worth noting that in the Wireless networks section, I select the network created in section 5, when I save the changes this step is not saved and when I go back to edit Wireless networks the predefined Sophos and GuestAP networks appear.

In addition to this, the access point in the Wireless - Access points section in status is always inactive.

The AP led is green and from time to time it turns orange for a few seconds and then turns green again.

Best regards.