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Manage APX320 APs simultaneously from Sophos Central and XGS2100

I was managing our APX320s from the XGS2100 and I created Wireless Networks and Access point groups plus Firewall rules. I wanted to see the APs from Sophos Central but I could not register them. So I deleted the APX320s from the XGS and then I was able to register them to Sophos Central. I like the insights and other cool features only available in Sophos Central but now I don't know how I will handle the firewall rules and routing. I had SD-WAN routing to handle the different wireless networks thru our 2 ISPs, I don't see a way to do that on Sophos Central.

So my question is: "Is it possible to manage APX320 APs from both Sophos Central and a XGS2100 at the same time?"

If not then how to I configure SD-WAN routing, Zones and Firewall rules from Sophos Central and the XGS2100?


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