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How to reregister an APX120 in CM?

Hi folks,

looking for some guidance on how to reregister my APX120 in CM. While attempting to identify issues with my CM account I deleted the APX120. Now the issues have identified and will be resolved when v19.0 GA is released I am reliable advised. SO based on that I have tried to reregister the APX120 in the CM wireless and not succeeded.

The steps have tried are

1/. power on APX120 and start registration process in CM - fail

2/. check XG115W is actually passing he APX120 traffic and it is.

3/. restarted the CM registration process then restarted the APX120 - fail.

4/. rhard eset APX120 and restarted CM registration process - fail

5/. found the reset APX120 now appears in the XG115W wireless tab.

6/. deleted the APX120 from the XG115w - restarted CM registration process - fail.

7/. APX120 continues to appear in the XG115w wireless tab.

So, looking for some hints on how to reregister the APX120?


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