Sophos AP6 Support and Services Enforcement

We will start a phased enforcement process for Sophos AP6 Series Support and Services in May 2024. The support activation is integrated with Sophos Central licensing.

  • See “What do I need to do?” below.

 Sophos AP6 Series Management and Support

The options for AP6 Series access point management and support coverage are:

  1. An AP6 Series access point purchase includes a local web management option and a limited lifetime warranty.
  2. AP6 Support and Services is purchased per AP and additionally provides:
    • Advanced RMA support, firmware updates, 24/7 multi-channel support, and Sophos Central Management.
    • Support and Services will also be a prerequisite for any future functionality that integrates with other Sophos products.

 What do I need to do?

Customers will generally fall into one of the following categories:

 No action required:

You have purchased Sophos AP6 Support and Services for each AP6 registered in Sophos Central and have applied your Support and Services license key(s).

  • Action required: Apply your key(s) in Sophos Central

You have purchased Sophos AP6 Support and Services for each AP6 you manage in Sophos Central but have NOT yet applied the license key(s). If you need help locating your key, contact support for assistance. 

  • Action required: Purchase Support and Services

You have purchased some or all of your Sophos AP6 access points without a Support and Services subscription but want to manage them via Sophos Central and take advantage of the other benefits of Support and Services.

As an AP6 customer, if you’re unsure about your support status, don't hesitate to contact your local Sophos partner.

 What is changing?

We have provided an extended grace period for Sophos Central management capabilities without a support subscription, effectively allowing organizations to use Sophos Central management regardless of their support status. This grace period will be changing from May 2024.

 In May 2024, we are starting a phased enforcement process for AP6 Support and Services.

 Phase 1: May 2024 – Enforcement for new AP6 customers only

For any Sophos Central account registering an AP6 access point for the first time that does not contain any other AP6 access points, a support and services subscription will be required to use Sophos Central wireless management.

  • Each AP6 access point managed in Sophos Central must have a valid Support and Services subscription for the corresponding AP6 model and quantity you manage.
  • The AP6 access point will only be manageable with Sophos Central with a support and services subscription.
    • Includes all Sophos Central management features for AP6, including managing SSIDs and VLANs, configuring the device, or viewing the status.

 To allow organizations to purchase and activate Support, Sophos will extend the grace period for existing accounts with AP6 access points registered in Sophos Central.

We strongly recommend purchasing support for every AP6 you plan to manage in Sophos Central. 

Accounts with Insufficient or No Support

Accounts managing AP6 in Sophos Central that are undersubscribed (own the correct subscription but not the correct quantity) or not subscribed (do not own support) will see a banner on their Wireless management pages in Sophos Central warning of the impact.

 There is no change for you if: 

  • You do not manage your AP6 access point(s) with Sophos Central. 
  • You only use APX Series access points.
  • You are an MSP/MSP monthly customer. 

 MSP Flex Support

Support for monthly billing is expected from May 14, 2024. If you are an MSP customer, please get in touch with your partner for further information. There is no immediate action for you at this time. 

 A Knowledgebase article with further information for Partners on MSP Flex will be available in the coming days.

 If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact your local Sophos representative. 

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