Report discrepancies between on board XG and CM

Hi folks,

I have been reviewing my daily report s for a while and wondering why some of my devices show as having no data transfers registered against them on the XG daily report, yet show data on the CM report?

Currently running V19.0.0 EAP 2.

The daily report show both my VoIP phones of not uploading any data where as the CM report does show data. Yes, the report are overlapping and not for the same 24 hour period. The not overlapping can be ignored because the same issue appears most days even when there are long phone calls on the VoIP services. A similar issue occurs the APX120 which s managed by CM and has been online for a couple of days, XG shows no download where as CM does.

I have other devices on the reports with similar issues, a PC online for about 12 hours shows no traffic.

So, we have a bug in the onboard XG reporting. If required I will post screenshots of the various device data extracts from both sources.


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