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Restricted Advance Shell - examples of challenges

Hi Community contributors,

Starting Sophos Firewall v19, with the addition of many comprehensive logging enhancements in the GUI, and in-line with industry best-practices, access to the Advance Shell is restricted to licensed commercial versions of the product.

Partners and certified architect engineers have an option with Not-for-Resale license to set up labs or customer PoC with unrestricted advanced shell. Also, Sophos Support is able access the Advanced Shell via support access channel. Hence, in case of critical issues, support can still can access it.

Sophos Firewall has been incrementally improved since v18 with comprehensive logging enhancements in the GUI (Better search, filtering, configurations, SD-WAN logs, VPN logs, gateway logs etc). However, we acknowledge that Advance Shell restriction might have created challenges in certain database related configurations, especially for home users.

Please help us understand the specific examples of challenges you face due to this restriction - configurations where GUI and console tools are reaching the limits. We will suggest the possible workaround for the specific scenario. We will also plan and gradually improve the product for those scenario.


Sophos Firewall Product Team

  • Logging and getting access to mysql db. Logging, for example, VPN or certificate error details do not appear in the standard log viewer. All the logs plus tail + grep are very useful to do debugging; Access to mysql db. I had more than once needed access to DB to check that the firewall rule was correct; where the hosts and networks are used. Few times, I was not able to delete an object that UI was reporing, the object is still used. Using db commands, I was able to find the rule, which did not appear in the UI at all.

    I would say, logging 90%, accessing DB 10%.

    Do not say that logging can be performed using the poor log viewer available from UI, which is not.


  • Just curious, Do you not have a valid license as a Sophos Architect? 


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