Why is space in GUI still not properly used?


optimized search functions and other features aside, why does WebAdmin still not scale with resolution?

We're not talking about QuadHD or 4K, I am on FullHD.

Why are certain object names like firewall rule names still being cut off after ~15 characters?

Why do I need to scroll when there is plenty space for the content to be displayed?

Don't get me wrong, I like the new "enhancements".

But GUI overhaul and issues like those aforementioned are all things that Sophos support has mentioned to be resolved in target release v19 multiple times, and now I see that it is still not being implemented.

Is it so hard to implement responsive design?

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  • Same applies to the IPv6 leased addresses fields.


    Xeon 1225v5 6gb ram, SSID, 4 NICs 20w - v19 EAP

    XG115W - v18.5.2

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  • There are limited resources for each task and each version. To overall such a change would need also a revamp of ALL objects and pages. Its about not breaking pages etc. To do this change, Sophos needs to rebuild certain pages etc. 

    And btw: This page is for the most commonly used web resolution build (by that time, SFOS was released). Now in 2021, FullHD took over: https://www.browserstack.com/guide/ideal-screen-sizes-for-responsive-design

    So it is something, Sophos is looking into, but its not "that easy to implement". Therefore we need to revisit certain aspects and do this later down the road. 


  • In this point you can ask, why you can make interface names, but dont see this or can search for it. Thats basic features normaly. 

    the design is slower than the SG and you need much more time for configure the same stuff. 

    Hopefully sophos search anyone for useablity for the interfaces. 

  • The main problem is not "on limited resources" but how the software has been designed. Changing one thing breaks the rest of the castle. This software lacks of modularity. To change the white space, they need to change the UI layout chosen, which will require a lot of effort. This demonstrates how bad the design is and not thinking big. During v15, I heard that TABs would not be used anymore on XG. My response was: how do you manage to link several similar windows to others? For example VPN? TAB came back in v16. Indeed, do not project XG interface on a big screen in front of your customer, as you will loose points in advance during a tender and more difficult is to explain that this change is not even planned!