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HA Unlinked status (as was in UTM9) still missing


is the Unlinked HA status still missing (as it was in UTM9)? When you disconnect any network cable from passive device it will not give you any clue, that something is wrong - on the contrary it will falsely assure you that failover will work perfectly.

That is often a big problem (both during disaster, but also during SF upgrade).

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  • For me unlinked status means failover will not work and that is the information customers need to know.

    So yes, you can check it manually for sure, but that is something what you will not do without a reason.

    There are couple of other issues related to that, i.e. firmware upgrade which can easily result in failed cluster, but that this outside this feature request (but it would be solved to).

    Jindrich Rosicka

    awin IT

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