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BUG v19.5 EAP hardware monitoring - XG115W LAN interface died

Hi folks,

last night one of the LAN interfaces on my XG115W died, just stopped, this interface is used for video streaming and IoT devices. The following steps were tried to restart it

1/. edit the interface, failed to restart

2/. restarted the XG, interface failed restart

3/. powered off and removed the power connection, interface failed to restart after power up.

Frustrated, started planning on restoring my home licence box to production,  a lot of work required.

Suddenly, 30 minutes after the last restart the interface became live and started passing traffic.

There is a bug in the V19.5 EAP hardware management software, the log viewer -> system showed the interface as up even though it was down. At this stage the XG was using about 90% ram and CPU was over 70%.