It isn't possible to reset the SD-WAN performance graph for transfer/connections counter.


While trying to reset the SD-WAN transfer/connection counter that's available over the "Diagnostics" tab => "SD-WAN performance" option, the Firewall gives a error message.

This issue happens on all SD-WAN profiles and can be easily replicated by creating a new one.

Here's the HTTP response received by the browser:

{"transactionID":"9085","status":501,"message":"","opcodeMessage":"Missing SDWAN profile id","entity":{"map":{"mode":4327,"currentlyloggedinuserid":3,"___serverport":4444,"___component":"GUI","APIVersion":"1905.1","___serverprotocol":"HTTP","___username":"admin","transactionid":"9085","___meta":{"map":{"sessionType":1}},"___serverip":"","currentlyloggedinuserip":""}},"redirectionURL":""}


Fixed Typo
[edited by: Prism at 5:57 PM (GMT -7) on 28 Oct 2022]