Localize an Object to delete it in SFOS

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This recommended read goes over the steps to localize an object within SFOS.

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If you’re trying to delete an object within SFOS and it’s already in use, you have to localize the rules first and delete/edit those rules.

In the case of complex setups, it can be complicated to localize all rules. 

The following UI error will occur:

"Host could not be deleted. Firewall rule exists for this host."

What to do

Doing a full export of the entire configuration under "Backup & firmware - Import export" gives you a XML File, which helps localize all config settings.

If you know the location of the config, you can export only firewall rules for example. If the usage is unknown to you, you can do a full export. 
Within the file is the "Entities.xml" file.
With a standard text editor, you can localize all objects, using your object. 
The object itself:

A TLS Inspection rule using this object:

SMTP General Settings are using this as a Required TLS Host object:

One Firewall Rule is using this object as Source called "FirewallRule".

There is one NAT Rule using this object as Source Network.

This option is an easy way to do a "where is used" option if needed to delete it. 

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