Sophos XG Firewall: Troubleshooting Sophos Connect GUI "Service Unavailable"


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This article describes how to resolve an issue wherein the Sophos Connect GUI display "Service unavailable".

What to do

The following screenshot shows that Sophos Connect GUI displays "Service unavailable".

Cause of this issue: When a tunnel disconnect is initiated, the strongSwan IPsec daemon gets stuck in an infinite loop. This will result in the GUI not getting a response for disconnect and ultimately timeout and show the error as "Service unavailable".

Workaround for Mac: Refer to the Sophos Connect Application online help.

Workaround for Windows: Refer to the steps mentioned below:

  1. Run cmd as an Administrator then run the following two commands.
  2. net stop scvpn
  3. net start scvpn
  4. Open Sophos Connect, verify and check that the "Service unavailable" error is now resolved.


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  • I am on the latest Sophos Connect client and am running Windows 10 Pro 2004 (19042.508).  I have pushed out the client to other computers, but we cannot comfortably advise users to migrate to it until I have some confidence that I can get it working on one computer (my own).  In effect, it's not being used widely.  One of my colleagues said that he connected a couple of times to the client on his computer and it seemed to work fine, but he's not used it that often so it's not a large sample set.

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