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Interactive training course on XG Firewall v18.0

Hi Everyone,

To help you evaluate XG firewall v18 better in this early access program, here is the interactive training/ work through course - video along with the PDF handout and speaker notes.

Here is the interactive course to work through XG Firewall v18.0,

  • Visit:
  • Login with your Sophos ID (you would have used that to register your firewall)
  • Navigate to either On-Demand Technical Training or Sophos Certified Administrator: XG Firewall
  • Click on EAP 80 - XG Firewall v18.0 Early Access Program
  • Click on Enroll
  • Access the Lesson Contents

Thank you very much for evaluating v18 early access. We appreciate your support!


Your Sophos XG Firewall Product Team

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