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Problems to get a IP-Adress from DHCP in VLAN

Dear all,


i hav a problem to get a IP-Adress from DHCP in VLAN.


I have a home edition with firmware 16.05.2 MR-2.


On port 1 a have a netgear switch (

The connection from the XG to the switch is designed as trunk at the incoming port of the switch. This port of the switch is defined as tagged with VLAN 1111 802.1Q.
An other port of the switch ist defined as untagged. On this port, a laptop is connected.


In the XG i have two zones.
First: LAN Port 1. With this Port everything is connetced behind the switch without VLAN. Everything works fine.
Second: Zone_Gaeste as VLAN Port 1.1111. This is for my VLAN on the switch.


I have defined a second interface for the VLAN ( The first interface is LAN (


I have two DHCP. One for the standard port (172.16.16.x) and on for the VLAN (172.16.17.y).


In the firewall rules i disabled every of my rules. Only one rule "everything with all..." is active.


My laptop tries to get an IP-Adress, but doon't receive on.

When i use manual IP / / with gateway i could do a lot...
Ping works
Ping works
Ping a device in the 172.16.16.x works
Nslookup works
Ping works

When i switch the laptop to dhcp, it don't get a IP-Adress.

No network connection is possible...



What is my mistake or problem?

Did i forget something?

Should i defined my LAN1 as VLAN too?


Thanks for your support...

Greetings rené

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