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Samsung 5100 Blu-ray player gives "System time is updating try again later"



Not sure where best to ask this question.

I bought a Samsung 5100 Blu-ray player to stream YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime. When I try to stream any of the noted services, the player says

 "System time is updating try again later". I have the unit set for the correct timezone, Chicago. I use the wizard to auto configure the device for it's I.P.

It runs through the network settings and configures it correctly. It tests and notes LAN connection is good and also it has Internet connection and talking to the Internet.

I click on check for firmware updates and returns none to update. The unit does not allow me to point it to any time service servers on the net.

So I assume it is doing some kind of NTP update. Seems like it is stuck on getting the NTP update.

My XG is running version 16 with one rule. Any LAN host and any service / protocol out to any WAN location. The basic rule created by the XG wizard setup.

I will try to get logs over the holiday to post to see what is going on.

I do not have HTTP / HTTPS scanning on. My older Blu-Ray players 3 plus years old with Netflix work just fine. I am guessing that the Samaung unit needs to talk to a NTP server and sync it's time with before it will stream the Netflix or the others. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced this with a Samsung blu-ray player streaming Netflix / YouTube, Prime? I do see many people seem to experience this issue with the units, but not seen a sure fix offered in the post for that. All I can see if something about the NTP time sync. 

Why this device needs to sync with time when it does not display a time or anything on screen related to time is a mystery. My tow older other brand players don't care or must not use NTP and work fine. Ideas, suggestions?



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  • One think I might try is to crimp a really long Ethernet cable to go from my DSL modem directly to the Blu-ray player and see if it will get and updated it's time, and then if things play, plug it back into my normal LAN passing through XG. Next question is if the thing does a NTP every time you click on a streaming service or not. I am using AT&T DSL Internet (Uverse service, and no I am not lucky to have the fiber to the house, but it is over copper) I was told I could have up to 6 devices on the modem, so I am guessing have up to 6 I.P. addresses? Anyway, glad the TV has two HDMI inputs, Use the old Blu-ray to stream Netflix, and the Samsung to play DVD's since the DVD drive on the old unit stopped working. Miss not having YouTube and Prime.