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Set source IP for site to site IPSec VPN using 'Tunnel Interface' connection type linking multiple subnets

We have multiple site to site VPNs setup with connection type 'Tunnel Interface'. The VPN links connect multiple remote subnets. How does XG pick a source IP because it seems to be random and can change when we re-establish a connection. This causes issues because we send Syslog traffic from the XG over the VPN and need the source IP to be consistent.

As an example:
The remote site has subnets,,
The XG has an IP address for each subnet of,,
The syslog data can have a source address of any of the three IPs and it can change when the VPN is re-established (e.g. after a reboot).

If we use a 'site-to-site' connection type, you specify the source IP as part of the setup. Is there a way to specify/fix the source address if you are using a 'Tunnel Interface' connection type? I don't really want to have to rebuild all our site to site VPNs.

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