Only firmware updates on unsupported upgrade path offered automatically

Yes, i'm aware that this firmware release is already EOL - but that's why i'm upgrading.

Logging in to SFOS 19.0 MR1 i got updates offered to 19.5MR4 and 20.0GA. I got those two Versions on local webadmin as well as in central.
As both firmware versions do not follow any official upgrade path - according to documentation installation of these would lead to factory reset.

There might be no check for that within the old 19.0MR1 but at least in central update management i would expect, that there would be only these updates offered, that follow supported upgrade path.

If this is not on sophos roadmap yet, i would really suggest this as a future improvement.
I'm quite sure that not within every UI there will be a warning about factory-reset within upgrade process...

As upgrade path is public available - why does following that path require manual upload of necessary step to 19.0MR2/3 in between.
Only supported upgrade should be offered in every gui!

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