248 firewalls - SSD firmware update - This will not be fun

What's the best way for partners to handle this?  Seems like a logistical nightmare.  Most of the firewalls I've connected to in the last two days have the SSD firmware upgrade banner, so I'm going to guess it's a large portion of the installed base.

Performing the upgrade is manual and requires someone SSH to each firewall and run system ssd update.  Then wait while the firewall restarts and hopefully doesn't need to call one of our customers to tell them they need to go into their office after hours to give it a power cycle.

Sure, we can do several at a time, but this is not good.  We have our documentation in ITGlue, so basically the process will be go lookup IP and credentials for customer A firewall, login, update, wait and verify it came back.  Go to customer B, do the same, Go to customer C, do the same, all the way through. 

Takes a lot of time. Going to have to have some place to document who has this done and who doesn't. Nothing in Partner Central until you login to the customer, then to each firewall so no easy way as a partner to look. Thought Central was a place where we can schedule updates but not for this. Why not have it be a hot-fix or firmware update that can be scheduled without all the extra work? Going backwards.

For your end users, not a big deal.  For partners, this is gonna stink. Seems like we get the short end too often.

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