Changing DHCP DNS for LAN Clients to Internal Windows DNS


XGS2300 is our DHCP Server. Currently, DNS settings under Network > DHCP > Default_DHCP_Server are the gateway itself for the Primary, and our ISP for the secondary DNS Servers. Works fine.

Our external DNS servers (Network > DNS) are our ISP's servers.

Devices with static IPs (servers, etc) use our DCs for DNS (well, 2 actually, for redundancy, so DC1 and DC2) so they can be on our internal domain.

The DCs' forwarders are the gateway LAN address itself followed by our ISP.

We need to put client machines on the internal domain, so I need them to likewise use the Windows Servers for DNS.

If I change the primary DNS under Network > DHCP > Default_DHCP_Server to DC1 and the secondary to DC2, that will ONLY change the DNS server being used by DHCP clients, correct? It won't affect the DNS server the gateway itself uses or create some sort of loop for the gateway or clients?

My logic being, the client will ask the DCs for an address. If unknown, the DC will ask the gateway which will pass it along to the ISP. This is for external hosts, obviously. I have static internal addresses already set under Network > DNS > DNS Host Entry and under the DC's DNS Forward Lookup Zones.



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