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Wireless setup questions

Hello World! New Sophos user here!

Came from a Meraki and Unifi background and found Sophos WiFi/VLAN setup a bit different.

Have a Sophos XGS107W, a Sophos switch and 5 Sophos APX APs.

Got quite a few challenges. Reading documentation now, but would much appreciate if community members can share some insights.

1. SSID created on Sophos Central is pushed to local and works. That's great! But when signing into firewall's local admin interface, I cannot see the SSID deployed from Central

2. All APs show "Inactive" on local firewall admin interface

3. XGS107W's build-in WiFi and the SSID created during firewall setup is not available on Central

4. On Central, cannot assign XGS107w (its built-in AP) to the SSID --- this effectively turns XGS107W to XGS107 (without w).

5. The SSID created during the firewall setup only broadcasts from XGS107W

6. The SSID deployed from Central only broadcasts from APs

Thanks for the help!

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