Sophos Connect VPN client not connecting to remote Site-to-Site server

Good day,

Wonder if anyone can help me.

Have a site-to-site tunnel with a remote server. The remote server is connected through a site-to-site tunnel to a different company so I don't have control on the remote side network. 

Now I am trying to get my Sophos Connect VPN clients to also be able to connect to the remote server via the Sophos VPN.

The Connection to the remote server is working in the office and on standard Windows Remote access VPN but struggling to get the Sophos VPN client to route the traffic. 

Thank you in advance Slight smile

Please see my Config below: 


Source Zone: VPN

Source Networks: VPN Pool (This is the IPs of the remote access VPN from Sophos)

Dest Zone: 

Dest Networks: Blocked out company networks but have left out the remote server which is MRI_NEW1 and on 10.89.x.x range and the remote access VPN range is 10.81.x.x should not be conflicting or make any difference since the remote server IP is a single /32 subnet IP

Remote SSL VPN Policy:

Policy members: Users in the groups are allowed to connect to the remote server

Permitted IPv4: MRI_NEW1 is included in the permitted IPs

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