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SDWAN - IPSec Tunnel Mode RDP Terminate

Hello guys,

Currently Im rewriting Ipsec Tunnels from Site-Site mode to Tunnel Interface + SDWAN + SDWAN profiles

I have the following scneario

All BO connect to HO and each one to BO

After rewrite it to Tunnel Mode and using SDWAN and SD Profile, Im having several problems with RDP and other connections. The RDP sessions freeze or terminating without IPSEC tunnel goes to down.

And when happen a SDWAN event route change between BO1-BO2 the RDP session established between BO1-HO goes down (this is an example)

If I keep ony 1 tunnel UP and established between HO-BO1 per example the RDP session freeze or terminate without SDWAN event route happen.

I have disabled ipsec-accleration and firewall-accelaration

My current firmware is

Could someone has idea about fix it ?

Remembering that using Ipsec-to-Ipsec this behavior does not happen.


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