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VM or Dedicated for Sophos Home Edition

I am seeking professional guidance on choosing between two hardware options: virtual machines or dedicated servers.

1 - Dedicated system:
Intel Celeron J4125 Processor - 2.00 GHz, 4 Cores, 4 Threads, 4 MB Cache
8G RAM DDR4 2400 MMHz
4 x Intel i210/i211 10/100/1000 NICs

2 - VM on Proxmox with 4 cores 6GB RAM on
12th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors - 3.50 GHz, 14 Cores, 20 Threads, 24 MB Intel Smart Cache
64G RAM DDR4 3200 MHz
2 x intel i225-V B3 100/1000/2500M NICs

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  • The Hardware in option (2) is much faster and compability wont matter for Sophos Firewall since you can run it virtualized.

    Then, since you're a Home user stick with option (2) and virtualize Sophos Firewall with Proxmox.

    Also, use Virtio NIC. There's no need to do PCI pass-through since the Firewall doesnt have the driver support for I225-V or I226-V.

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    Ryzen 5600U + I226-V (KVM) v20 EAP1 @ Home

    XG 115w Rev.3 8GB RAM v19.5 MR3 @ Travel Firewall

  • Sophos community is great and thank you all for your advice. I already purchased Server #2 for eHone automation and security applications. I will install Proxmox on it and use virtual servers for all my eHone automation and security applications.

    Do you think buying a second dedicated system for Sophos Home Edition is worth it or will a VM on the same #2 server suffice?

  • In that case buy a quad core card with supported nics. The box has plenty of capacity to run e home and XG. It will get hot and suck lots of power.


    XG115W - v20 EAP 1 - Home

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