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Unable to register device

So I run a pair of SG230s I got off Ebay 4 years ago in HA using home edition using XG Home edition. Works great but one of the devices hard drive died a few months ago.  I have a replacement SG230 I pulled off the shelf last weekend, installed latest .iso but when I go to register the device it fails. Says it is not able to connect to the registrations service. The URL for this service is

I have the device in base configuration with no filtering turned on and allow any any outbound. It is directly connected to my internet, not running through the other XG. I thought maybe the service was just down over the weekend but it persists tonight.  I even reinstalled XG thinking maybe something was wrong with the install but issue persists.  Any help is appreciated.

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  • My DNS comes from the ISP, in this case comcast which is  I can get name resolution to the above IP's for  I also added the above into the DNS with those IPs now and still nothing.  I am in the US, is there a United States registration service?  This is a screenshot from the initial setup. 

    I will skip this step, get into the gui but can't get it to pull firmware updates nor register there neither.  I'm really stumped.