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Your connection is not Private


purchased an XGS2100 to replace our SG230 for our Public WiFi connection.

The device is not on a domain and has its own internet connection. It is only used for members of the public to get access to the internet on their own  personal devices, mobiles, laptops and tablets etc. We have APX320 access points connected to the device. 

Using the default Web Policy with Source Any Zone Any Host, and Destination Wan Any host   Any Service

Have a hotspot set up with Terms and conditions front page sign in.

A user can connect to the Wifi, then a screen pops up.

SSL Certificate Not Trusted. The security certificate for this network is not from a trusted authority. We do not recommend that you connect to this network.

They can continue and accept the terms and conditions.

After that, a large number of webites show up with the Error, Your connection is not Private. Attackers  etc.  CERT-Authority-Invalid

Is it because their device doesnt have the SSL installed ? if so, how do I get their device to do this so they can acess the internet?

or is it the message we get when trying to access blocked sites and the Blocked site message doesnt show?



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