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XGS - V19.0.2 - WAN Side Telnet (23) Open!

Hi Guys, hi Sophos ....

Why is Telnet on Port 23 on WAN open?

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  • I would assume you have or will be performing an audit on the XG to determine when the change was made? Maybe e en why?

    XG115W - v19.5.2 mr-2 - Home

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  • First of all, i would agree in adjusting product and documentation to explain this outcome.

    But nevertheless this approach, so actively setup a Emergency option on the CLI and "forget to turn it off(?)" seems to be a security breach itself. 

    So the questions should be - Who enabled this setting and why was it enabled in the first place. 

    We are going to document this service on docs soon and might pickup changes for the product later. 


  • I too recommend adding a banner, etc. to remind a sysadmin that they had changed that setting.  I guess in this case they changed it and forgot...

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