Important note about SSL VPN compatibility for 20.0 MR1 with EoL SFOS versions and UTM9 OS. Learn more in the release notes.

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Sophos Firewall: v19.5 MR1: Feedback and experiences

Release Post:   Sophos Firewall OS v19.5 MR1 is Now Available 

The old V19.5 GA Thread:  Sophos Firewall: v19.5 GA: Feedback and experiences 

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  • Hi Emmanuel. Case ID is 06300943, and Sophos Support have just now confirmed that 19.5.1 is now fully GA and I can see that one client shows 19.0.2 and 19.5.1 as available from Sophos Central (  FYI - they must have fixed the bug you previously indicated).

    Our own Sophos is already on 19.5.0 and does not show an option for 19.5.1 from Sophos Central, but I assume I just need to wait another day or two.

    It's frustrating though that we have many firewalls across many clients and they all email every few hours to say we should upgrade to the latest version, but we can't upgrade from Sophos Central and so can't use our automation tools to schedule the upgrade.