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VPN SD-WAN terminating the RDP connection

Hello dear community friends! Next, I created vpns tunnels using SD-WAN routes between the DataCenter and the Branch as shown in the image below. Both firewalls are version 19.5.0 GA-Build197

Note: They are currently disabled, as I returned to vpn for ipsec site a site due to impacting the operation.



These procedures are also applied in the DataCenter firewall.

The issue is, the branch manages to connect to the datacenter servers, but the connection drops as if the vpn had stopped. I left a ping from a branch machine on the server, but it doesn't lose packets when the connection to the server drops. Here is the print below:

I checked the conntrack command by cli to see the session of that connection, and the moment the connection with the server is lost, the session that was open is also lost. Here's the print:

Is the problem with the server connection dropping due to this? I would like your help to try to get around this situation.

Another observation, when the VPN is Site a Site this problem does not occur.

I thank everyone!

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